Reasons to study Pharmacy

LMAO at this list I found on a Spanish social media site. “Reasons to go to Pharmacy school” (I didn’t include some of them because they were untranslatable)

  • Because there’s nothing good on TV in the mornings.
  • Because Saturdays ARE schooldays too.
  • Because I can draw hexagons like a robot.
  • Because nobody will beat me at scrabble.
  • Because throwing parties is so mainstream.
  • Because ‘spare time’ to me is the lapse of time between classes
  • Because messing around in the lab is worth what you pay for your school fees.
  • Because my children will get to see me graduating.
  • Because in order to sell an aspirin, I need to know which plant its active ingredients come from, its pharmacological effects, human phisiology, which pathology you intend to cure, its second effects, how a espectrofotometer works, how a car engine works…
  • Because if the pilot faints, I’ll be the only one who knows how to drive a plane (I learned it in 2nd year Instrumental Analysis)
  • Because going to the library is the best afterhours.
  • Because thanks to Parasitology, crabs and I are really bonding.
  • Because “many are called, but few are chosen”.
  • Because killing yourself by slitting your wrists was way too easy.
  • Because half of the professors don’t actually teach at Pharmacy school.
  • Because private tuitions weren’t included in your fees.
  • Because the Media school has better labs than we do.
  • Because copying and pasting from wikipedia is known as “writing a paper”.
  • Because you skip classes to go to the cafeteria; we skip classes to go to the library.
  • Because I don’t need to think what to do in my free time.
  • Because I want to know what kind of cocaine Pete Doherty is snorting.
  • Because “to be or not to be” can be read as “to eat or to sleep, I don’t have time for both”
  • Because you have Red Bull with muffins for breakfast.
  • Because I crammed all my Botany notes in two days, and I even got half an hour of sleep.
  • Because I’ve been trying to kill myself for years… but I haven’t got the time.
  • Because those who finish their degrees will be known as survivors.
  • Because a proper exam doesn’t require less than 200 pages of notes.
  • Because no grass grows back again wherever we study Botany.
  • Because the day more than 60% of the class passes, there will be an X-files episode about us.
  • Because 82% of what you learn in Pharmacy school is unnecessary.
  • Because Chuck Norris almost finished this degree once.
  • Because I took 6 pages of notes about the phisiology of the inner ear in 50 minutes and I ended up selling cotton buds.
  • Because one day I dropped my Pharmaceutical Chemistry notes on the floor and it caused the division of Pangaea.
  • Because the guy at the copying machine begins to sweat when he sees me.
  • Because professors are the real bullies.
  • Because the name “Micro”biology is a contradiction itself.
  • Because we don’t play farmville… we grow bacteria in the virtual lab.
  • Because my parents party more than I do.
  • Because God created all living things in 6 days, and I can study them all in 3.
  • Because the boy in the stripped pyjamas had more freedom than we do.
  • Because you need to minor in Latin to understand Pharmacognosy.
  • Because you can’t leave the house for ten minutes without feeling a deep sense of guilt.
  • Because I’d rather eat my notes than study them.
  • Because if taking drugs is bad for you; studying them is even worse.
  • Because sunlight gives you cancer.
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